Used bikes in Montreal, modern and vintage road bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes and more. Each bike carefully tuned by an expert - 30 DAY WARRANTY - FREE DELIVERY in Montreal. - Used bikes in Montreal, modern and vintage road bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes and more. Each bike carefully tuned by an expert - 30 DAY WARRANTY - FREE DELIVERY in Montreal. -

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Pistes cyclables de Montréal
Montreal Bike Paths

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Quebec Bike Paths

La Route Verte - description, comments, pictures and more

La Route Verte
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Test drive and delivery anywhere in Montreal
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We come to you for free!
Used bikes fully inspected and reconditionned by an expert
Fully inspected and refurbished by an expert
30 day warranty on everything, even a flat
30 Day

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Donate your bike for recycling in Montreal - Free pick up service


We pick up your old cumbersome bike(s) for recycling. Save your old bike from the junkyard.
At Home Bike Service in Montreal


We fix and do regular maintenance on all bikes. You don't need to carry your bike to a regular shop, we come to you when you are available !
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What to know before purchasing, bike types, bike sizes, accessories and more
Search the database for fictures and specs of over 3500 vintage and modern Canadian bicycles


Search the database for fictures and specs of over 3500 vintage and modern Canadian bicycles

Stéphane Lapointe, vélociste artisan expert des vélos usagés et anciens
Stéphane Lapointe, P. Eng., M.Sc.A.
Bicycle Expert more...

How to purchase a used bicycle from HOW TO PURCHASE

1 Select bicycles for sale SELECT BIKES FOR SALE


phone 450-764-9226

  • For advice, to fix an appointment to try and purchase a bike, for a bike repair, a pickup or any other reason, the fastest way is to phone.
  • You can phone any time and leave a message if there is no answer. I`m often in the shop or out delivering bikes so I can`t always answer. If your phone is private and the number doesn't display to the receiver, make sure you leave a call back number in your message. Make sure you pronounce each number slowly and clearly!
  • In the case of a purchase, once we scheduled an appointment the bike is reserved for you until you try it. If you change your mind, found a bike elsewhere or wish to cancel the appointment for any reason, please phone ASAP such that the bike can be put back for sale.


  • You can email for information but emails are taken care after phone calls. It's just less complicated and faster to phone. If you leave a call back number in your email I`ll phone you back.
  • We can't fix an appointment or reserve a bike by email. I won`t go to an appointment unless we had a live phone conversation to make sure it is serious. It's safer for you and me to make sure the other person is for real, not a complete stranger from the internet.

3 Free delivery everywhere in Montreal DELIVERY AND TEST DRIVE

Bike delivery, road test, seat adjustment. Bike delivery, road test, seat adjustment.
Bike delivery, road test, seat adjustment. I personally deliver each bicycle.

Free Delivery

  • The shop being 1 hour from downtown Montreal by car, the vast majority of customers have the bike delivered to their home, school or workplace. Where is the shop..
  • The price of the bike includes delivery, there is no extra cost.
  • I deliver each bicycle myself, it`s a professional and personalized service. It's not like receiving a bike by mail or UPS !

You test drive the bike before purchase

  • The bike size is verified, the seat is adjusted for you.
  • If you have little cycling experience, I will show you how to ride and shift gears.
  • You then take the bike for a ride on your street, around the block, to give it a good try, shift gears and test the brakes. If you don`t like the bike for any reason you don`t have to purchase it and you have nothing to pay.
  • However it`s not a roaming bike store. Sometimes I can bring 2 bikes to try but it is expected that you are seriously interested, actively shopping and ready to buy when you find a suitable bike. To help you in your choices I ask many questions on the phone before fixing an appointment, to make sure it`s the right kind of bike for you and the right size.
  • This service is not suited for: People who don't know how to ride a bike. People with medical issues like back pain, knee pain, neck pain, major overweight and others. Older people who haven`t rode a bike since many years. People who want to try out a new kind of bike just to see how it feels. People who don`t have enough money to pay the asking price and think they can bargain it down to fit their budget !

Delivery Area

Bike delivery in Montreal -
Click to enlarge
  • Delivery area covers all of downtown, including McGill, Concordia, Mile-End, Plateau, Rosemont, Hochelaga, NDG, Verdun, Lachine, etc.. Click on the map above to enlarge if you are not sure.
  • If you are outside the delivery area, we must fix an appointment inside the delivery zone, for example at a metro station like Henri-Bourassa or Berri-UQAM. For people East of PI-IX boulevard, like Pointe-aux-Trembles, delivery can be done at the PI-IX metro station for example.
  • Note that you can carry a bike in the metro outside rush hours, after 19h. Learn more..

Delivery schedule

  • Monday evenings, Wednesday evenings and Friday evenings, between 7pm and 11pm (19h and 23h).
  • See below to fix an appointment

No Shipping

  • We do not offer shipping of bikes by courier services like Purolator, Canada Post, UPS or any other company. We do not pack bikes for shipping. If you are from outside Montreal, you can visit the shop in person, or come to Montreal to meet, or have someone from Montreal take care of delivery for you.

3 Bicycle Accessories - New and Used BIKE ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE

Bike Accessories Available - New and Used Bike Accessories Available - New and Used Bike Accessories Available - New and Used Bike Accessories Available - New and Used
See all accessories for sale.. (French page)
  • See "Accessoires de vélo" (French page) if you wish to add a basket, rear rack, U-lock, lights or other accessories to your bike.
  • Most accessories installed free of charge
  • Please mention the accessories you want in advance, when fixing the appointment, to make sure they will be available.
  • No shipping or delivery of accessories alone, only with the purchase of a complete bike.

5 Payment PAYMENT

  • Cash preferred or bank transfert via Interac
  • No checks
  • No partial payment or deposit. You must pay in full on delivery.
  • If you have an old bike you no longer need, you can trade it for a price reduction depending on the condition, more on trade-ins..

6 Warranty WARRANTY

The bike is covered by a 30 day warranty

The majority of bikes sold here are covered by a full 30 day warranty, this includes most adult road bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes and mountain bikes. If any problem occurs during the first 30 days after purchase I will come back to fix it for free. The warranty covers everything, even a flat tire. Some bikes are sold without a warranty, in that case it is clearly mentionned in the bike description. Not covered are kids bikes, BMXs, folding bikes, antiques vintage bikes, and low cost $99 and less. Read the bike description to know if it is covered by a warranty.

More about the warranty..

If your bike was stolen in Montreal

Protecting yourself against bike theft

Vélo Retour

Pistes cyclables de Montréal

Are you shopping for a bike to commute everyday ? You don't want any low quality toy bike because you will count on it to get to work or school and everywhere else. A new bike is too costly and risky because it will stay parked outside. You are ready to compromise on the look of a used bike, but it must be reliable, comfortable, safe and efficient. You want a warranty to be sure you won't loose time and money fixing a bike sold 'as is' elsewhere more..

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