Men's City Bike


Vélo Peugeot  - Vélo Peugeot  -

Vélo Peugeot  - Vélo Peugeot  -

(bike id 2111)

Your height: 5'3" to 5'7" (160 to 171cm) approximatly (?). Frame size = 19.75in/50cm

Comments: Well equiped perfect for city commuting and bike touring. Good quality, sturdy Cro-Moly mountain bike frame, alloy wheels and alloy parts, a few scrtaches.

City Bikes: They are designed for comfort and daily commuting, to go to work, to school, to go shopping, etc.. Compromise between performance, comfort and sturdiness. Often loaded with useful accessories increasing the weight.

21 speed: perfect to go everywhere including going up very steep hills. There are 3 front chain rings and 7 rear gears. - Derailleur: Shimano Deore

Tires 26 x 1.5: medium width tires with small thread or slick, for paved road and occasional off-road.

Accessories included: reflectors, kickstand, mudguards, rear carrier rack, bottle holder,
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Color: gris-bleu/blue-grey Year: Circa 2000 Made in: Canada

Peugeot: high quality bikes were first imported from France and made in Canada from 1980 approximately. Popular brand sold in bike stores, not at retail chains.