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Stéphane Lapointe - Engineer and used bike expert - StephaneLapointe.com

Bicycle and vintage car restorer for over 20 years, Stéphane Lapointe is a renowned bike expert and a leader in the restoration of used and collector bicycles. He owns a collection of bicycles, among which many folding bikes. He is regularly interviewed and cited by media's including VéloMag, Radio-Canada, L'actualité among others. Visit the web site dedicated to the bike collection (in French)

Stéphane Lapointe - Engineer and used bike expert - StephaneLapointe.com

Le guide complet des pistes cyclables au Québec - PistesCyclables.ca

Bike touring since 1982, Stéphane Lapointe is the author of the web site PistesCyclables.ca a complete Guide to Quebec's Bike Paths. Visit the web site (French only) to see maps, pictures and rating of almost every bike path in the province of Quebec, including the Route Verte network. It's the right place to go if you need a map of Montreal's bike paths network for example. With over 500,000 visitors per year, PistesCyclables.ca was described as the "bible of cyclists in Quebec" by many media like Radio Canada and L'actualité. Many publications ask permission to reproduce text and pictures amongst the 5,000+ pictures found on the web site.

Stéphane Lapointe author of PistesCyclables.ca St�phane Lapointe - Author of PistesCyclables.ca
Stéphane Lapointe is the author of the web site PistesCyclables.ca a complete Guide to Quebec's Bike Paths. It's the right place to find a map of Montreal's bike paths network for example.

Aerospace engineer and a graduate of École Polytechnique de Montréal, he earned a Masters degree in Robotics. He was awarded for his excellent academic performance and his involvement in campus student activities. After graduation he worked on many innovative projects for customers like Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, the US Air Force and Hydro-Québec. His passions and skills include:

  • Web developer PHP, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, HTML, CSS, MySQL, including object-oriented PHP.
  • Database design, system design, data dictionary, software engineering
  • User friendly, simple and intuitive user interfaces
  • Responsive Web Design RWD with and without Bootstrap
  • Creation of attractive web content in English and French. "It`s the content people are looking for, not the technology behind."
  • Search Engine Optimization SEO with results, Google AdWords campaigns, Google Analytics API interface
  • Facebook API interface for optimized Like et Share information display.
  • Google AdSense API interface to bring in advertising revenues
  • Google Maps API interface
  • ASP programming with IIS and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Basic training on NodeJS server and Firebase. Currently owns a NodeJS testing server.
  • Windows VB, VBA with Microsoft Access development
  • Visual Studio C++ with MFC, C# and C language development.
  • Assembler and ADA object-oriented software development for real time critical applications in the aerospace industry, following strict military and civilian software development standards (DOT-198b et MIL-STD 1553).
  • Teaching contracts in automatics, C programming and electronics.
  • With over 35 years programming experience, practical knowledge of many more programming languages like Pascal, Matlab, Fortran, Lisp and more.
  • "Whatever the programming language, it`s all the same. What matters are the algorithms, system design, detailed specifications and data dictionary."

Other skills:

  • Create and manage profitable businesses.
  • Business management
  • Good speaker and educator, often told I could be a teacher.

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