Used bikes in Montreal, modern and vintage road bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes and more. Each bike carefully tuned by an expert - 30 DAY WARRANTY - FREE DELIVERY in Montreal. - Used bikes in Montreal, modern and vintage road bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes and more. Each bike carefully tuned by an expert - 30 DAY WARRANTY - FREE DELIVERY in Montreal. -

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Why a used bike instead of a new one ?

Why a used bike instead of a new one -

Not only to save money

  • Obviously you save money when buying a used bike, usually you pay half the price or less of a new similar bike. But saving money is certainly not the main reason for several buyers. Some of my clients have plenty of money to buy a new bike if they wanted to.
  • Aside from appearance, a used bike reconditioned by an expert can be as good as a new one and certainly better than a low-quality bike sold in major retail chains . See Why buy a bike here to find out more about the condition of the reconditioned bikes offered here. A bike is not like a car or an electronic device that are very expensive to repair and quickly becoming obsolete. A bicycle is a relatively simple device and parts are always available at a relatively low cost. It is possible to repair it completely such that it rides as well as a new bike, often better.
  • Bicycles have changed little since the last 30 years because the industry is very standardized among other things. For example the same tire size used on bikes from the 50's is still used today on hybrid bikes, pedals are interchangeable on all adult bicycles, handlebars and grips have the same diameter, etc ... So if you take a new bike from today, apart from the up-to-date colours and sophisticated gear levers, it's much the same as a 30 year old bicycle. Ultimately, for the majority of buyers, there are few technical advantages to buying a brand new bike unless you need a very high-tech road bike for competition.
  • A used bike is less attractive to thieves than a brand new bike (but you should still use a U-shaped padlock).

Bicycles correctly locked in Montreal -
Bicycles correctly locked in Montreal -

  • Older bikes are sturdier and more reliable because they use fewer plastic parts. Modern plastic brake levers and push button shifters jam and break easily. The older gear levers are always working.
  • Vintage bikes are stylish. Modern bikes are too often black or gray and without any accessory from the factory. The vintage bikes have a cachet and a style of their own. Where to find a deep purple or orange bike, with mudguards and chain guards of the same colour as the rest of the bike nowadays?

Stylish vintage bike -
Stylish vintage bike -

  • There are new bikes on the market which are reproductions of classic bikes. In general these bikes are of very low quality and intended for short rides and to parade in the neighbourhood. Why pay more for a reproduction when you can buy the original for less?
  • Buying a used bike instead of a new one made in China or Malaysia is a responsible, environmentally friendly and equitable purchase for everyone. It is a clear example of sustainable development through reuse, recycling and reduction of environmental impact. Several bicycles that we refurbish would have gone to the junkyard. It is better to reuse a bike rather than recycle the metal to make something else. You help a micro-company in Quebec rather than a big foreign company with all its intermediaries.
  • Preserve our industrial heritage and cultural identity Until recently, the vast majority of bicycles sold in Canada were designed and manufactured in Canada by Canadians. Buying a used bike is environmentally friendly, but it is even more so if the bike was made in Canada originally. It also helps to preserve our industrial heritage and cultural identity.

Why a bike rather than a bus, subway or taxi

  • A bike costs nothing to use, no license required, it is always available 24 hours a day, you do not have to wait for the bus or taxi, you are free to go anywhere and anytime. Easy to park and no parking fees.
  • It is ecological. Cycling is a very environmentally friendly way to move. The bike is proven to be the most effective transportation mode for the human body. By studying the amount of energy spent (calories) for a one kilometre trip, the bike was more efficient than the car (obviously), but also more efficient than walking, running and all the others mode of transportation.
  • Cycling is an healthy outdoors activity. Whether it's for leisure or to commute, cycling is an exercise combining usefulness and pleasure, it's not necessarily a sport. It keeps you healthy, happy and beautiful looking. You are outside breathing fresh air and you can meet active and motivated people like you. No need to be a member of a gym to breathe stale air and do depressing stationary exercises.

le vélo est aussi un loisir - StephaneLapointe.comle vélo est aussi un loisir -
Cycling is both useful and fun -

  • Go explore Montreal's vast bike path network to discover its attractions, explore its various districts, parks, historic sites, ride along the rivers. It's the best way to quickly get in touch with nature, wildlife, flora, silence and loneliness in a big city. And it's completely free ! Some places are only accessible by bike.
  • Québec has one of the largest network of trails and bicycle lanes in the world. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world visit Québec by bike. Take a trip on the Route Verte network to discover a new region, or even cross Canada via the Trans Canada Trail .

le vélo est aussi un loisir - StephaneLapointe.comle vélo est aussi un loisir -
Bike touring on the Route Verte, Quebec's bike path network -

Why your own bike rather than the BIXI's

The BIXIs are heavy and very inefficient. You force like crazy to move forward and happy when you finally arrive. You hope there is still a BIXI available at the starting point and that the station is not full at your destination. You cannot take a BIXI to go for a ride on the bike paths on a beautiful summer day to explore the city and its surroundings.


500,000 bicycles thrown in the garbage every year, help us save some of them to protect the planet