Used bikes in Montreal, modern and vintage road bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes and more. Each bike carefully tuned by an expert - 30 DAY WARRANTY - FREE DELIVERY in Montreal. - Used bikes in Montreal, modern and vintage road bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes and more. Each bike carefully tuned by an expert - 30 DAY WARRANTY - FREE DELIVERY in Montreal. -

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30 Day Warranty on everything, even a flat tire !

The majority of bikes sold here are covered by a full 30 day warranty, this includes most adult road bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes and mountain bikes. Some bikes are sold without a warranty, in that case it is clearly mentionned in the bike description. Not covered are kids bikes, BMXs, folding bikes, antiques vintage bikes, and low cost $99 and less. Read the bike description to know if it is covered by a warranty.

The warranty is your insurance against problems and proof that our mission is to sell a quality product. Bicycles are rather fragile devices requiring precise adjustments to work at their full potential. Offering a warranty is the corner stone of our entire process starting with selecting better quality bicycles, precise workmanship, replacing many parts with new ones and more.

Even if we repair, inspect and test drive every bike thoroughly, some problems might occur only after a few days of usage. If the bike has a problem in the month (30 days) following purchase, we will come back and fix it for free. Don`t hesitate to contact us whatever the problem. Typical problems are tire loosing air (slow leak), brake adjustment required, saddle sliding down by itself, etc...

Your bicycle has a problem ? Contact us to fix an appointment.

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Even after 30 days, if you feel there is a problem with the bike and the problem was already there when you purchased it, you should contact us to discuss. We like feedback and it is the best way to improve and learn. It is very likely that we will come to fix the problem for free even after the 30 day warranty period, or at a very low cost. Many customers are students on a tight budget and without the tools and knowledge to fix a bike. If you feel you were ripped off don`t hesitate to contact us and we will come to the rescue! Our goal is to establish long term customer relations and keep our good reputation.

If the bike has a major problem and can`t be repaired, I'll take it back and refund it in full. In all other cases the sale is final

This is what differentiates us from all other used bikes vendors on classifieds web sites and elsewhere. Many of our customers had previously purchased a used bike elsewhere from an individual or an amateur bike fixer. After spending a lot of time and money on a bike sold "as is" that turned out to have many issues, they are very happy they found us !


  • Note that some bikes are sold without warranty and in that case it's clearly written NO WARRANTY on the bike`s description section. This is the case with kid's bikes, folding bikes, BMXs, antique collectors bikes, bikes sold with a deep discount, frames alone and bikes sold for parts and projects, ..
  • You cannot try the bike for a few days and come back proclaiming "it`s not the right bike for me", because the bike is too heavy, too hard to pedal uphill, or other qualitative or usage specific problems. The warranty covers mechanical problems only. We can discuss an exchange or return in those cases, on a case by case basis, but fees will be charged for the return or excahnge. So you must give it a good try before purchase, at the time of delivery, and ask questions to make sure the bike will suit your needs.
  • If you plan on buying a bike needed only for a few days, and then pretend it has problems to get a refund when you are done, you should search for a bike rental service instead.
  • If you have the bike repaired elsewhere we will NOT refund your cost for the repairs or parts purchased elsewhere.
  • The warranty doesn't cover cases of abuse and neglect.
  • The warranty doesn't cover damages due to an accident, for example the bike fell while parked and something broke or bent, you fell with the bike while riding, bike damaged during a move or transport, a wheel bent by a pothole. I can fix it for you in those cases, but there will be a fee.
  • The warranty doesn't cover cases where you tried to modify the bicycle or install an accessory, and you can`t make the bike work correctly afterwards. I can fix it for you in those cases, but there will be a fee.
  • We are not responsible for accidents, injuries or death due to a problem with the bike
  • We are not responsible for inconveniences, loss of time, loss of money, missed opportunities, loss of enjoyment of life, or any other consequences linked directly or indirectly to a problem with the bicycle.

500,000 bicycles thrown in the garbage every year, help us save some of them to protect the planet