Bike Tips

What to Know before Purchasing a Bike

A used or new bike - Men`s or women`s bike - Where and what are you going to used it for - Accessories - Try the bike before purchasing, even a new one

Why a Used Bicycle ?

Not only to save money, older bikes are simpler, more reliable, stylish and less attractive for thieves - Better than a low quality new bike - Bicycles are not hi-tech devices becoming quickly obsolete, older bikes are much like new ones and can ride just as good.

Why Purchase Here ?

Get expert advice - Bikes are fully tuned and tested - 30 day warranty - Free delivery - Trade your old bike for a rebate

Adjusting the Saddle and Handlebar

When pedaling your leg should be almost fully extended when the pedal reaches the furthest point. What is almost fully extended ? When you put your heel on the centre of the pedal your leg is fully extended, when pedaling normally there is a very very small flexion of the knee.

Which Bike Size You Need

It is important to ride a bike of the correct size and adjusted for your height. Whatever the quality of the bike, if it's too small or too tall it will never be performing and comfortable. You will force for nothing, get knee pain, butt pain..

The Different Bike Types

There are many different bike types including hybrids, road bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes,.. Choose the right bike for your needs, don't buy a trendy bike not suitable for your specific usage. Most people are buying a bike for recreational use, not a transportation device.

Bike Accessories

French page - Many accessories are in fact essential if you want to use your bicycle for daily commuting or bike touring. Would you buy a car that can't ride under the rain, with no lights, no mirror and impossible to lock ? No of course .

Where to Find Used Bikes

Where the bikes sold here come from ? - Used bike removal service - Garage sales - Customer trade-ins - Metal recyclers - Thrift stores - Flea markets and more. There are millions of used bikes in Quebec and the vast majority end up in the garbage

Where to Donate an Old Bike for Recycling

FREE used bike removal service in the greater Montreal area. We pick up old bikes for recycling. Make room fast and save your bike from the junkyard. Evenings and weekends when you are available. Phone 450-764-9226

Stolen Bikes and Bike Theft

French page - Bike theft statistics in Montreal - What to do if your bike was stolen - How to protect yourself - Buying a stolen bike is risky - Identifying bike thieves and stolen bikes

Learn about Canadian Bikes - Search the Database

Browse stunning vintage and modern bikes from over 250 different brands including CCM, Raleigh, Peugeot, Velo Sport, Leader, Bianchi, Miele, Fiori, Nishiki, Minelli, Norco, Trek, Giant, Devinci, Louis Garneau and much more. The database contains over 2500 bicycles !

Cyclists and Quebec's Highway Safety Code

Which are the laws and recommended practices applicable to cycling in Quebec. Is an helmet mandatory ? No. Are lights mandatory at night ? Yes. Cyclists must obey the Highway Safety Code.

Old Style Bicycle Gear Shifters

General gear shifting tips on a bicycle - Old style road bike and city bike gear shifters - Old style mountain bikes and hybrid bike shifters

Vintage Folding Bikes Collection

Mostly French page - Browse a collection of vintage folding bikes for the 70's, 80's and newer. Pictures and description of many classic models including Raleigh Twenty - Leader Voyageur - Maino - Auto-Mini - Road King - Bridgestone - Norco and much more

pistescyclables.ca - le guide des pistes cyclables du Qu�bec
Le guide des pistes cyclables du Québec

Montreal Bike Path Network

Maps, pictures and detailed information about Montreal's bike path network and the greater area. For commuting or for discovering the city during leisure times. Which are the best bike bike paths with interesting things to see not too far from Montreal.

More Tips in the French Version

You will find more bicycle and cycling tips if you read the French version of the web site including: How much is worth my old bicycle ? - The 10 criteria's to evaluate the quality of a bicycle - Bicycle Auctions: Myths and Reality - and more

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